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Dear Students and Families,

Matific is available for all Naranga students at home. Log on today 🙂

We hope you had a great day yesterday with your child during our Student-Free Day.  Naranga staff spent the day engaged in Professional Development activities. In the morning we worked together to create a developmental sequence of learning for the Personal and Social Capability framework that is part of the Victorian Curriculum for all student in Victorian schools. This important piece of work will provide us with a continuum of abilities that teachers across all levels of the school will teach. It will allow us to develop your child’s skills as they progress through the school so that when they are ready to leave school they have the skills that will help them manage their lives, work, relationships and future learning.

In the second session of the PD day we focussed on feedback. We looked at it from the teacher and student perspective. We explored the ways in which feedback to and from our students can be most effective and influence progress. The afternoon sessions were about money as a component of the maths curriculum, and a hands-on session with a trainer from Matific, the online maths program all Naranga students have access to both at school and home.

Make sure you get in quickly for your tickets to our School Concert: “Naranga Goes to the
Movies”. The students and staff are rehearsing their music, dance and drama items, ready for Wednesday 20th September. Family and friends are all welcome to join us. Call Jane, Carol, Sally or Linda on 9788 2222 to book your tickets now!

Sue Coull
Naranga School


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