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Parents & Carers Welcome @ Naranga

Dear Students and Families,

The school has been humming this week with lots of student activities during the day, and lots of parent meetings in the evening. The Student Support Group meetings have been running all this week. We expect all parents/carers to attend a meeting, so if you haven’t arranged a time yet,
please make sure you do so today. We can hold a phone meeting if you are unable to attend school.

We are making a big effort this year to connect with families in lots of different ways. We recommend that all parents and carers put the free Tiqbiz app on their phone so that they can keep up to date with school news, activities and events. Please ask us if you need help locating and downloading the app to your phone or device. Information is also regularly updated on our website www.naranga.vic.edu.au. We are currently exploring the options around a closed Facebook page for our school community as another way to keep you informed, but also in touch with each other.

I would like to congratulate and welcome three new parent members of our School Council for this year. Patrick Arnold, Rachel Franks and Veronica Tanner successfully nominated for positions on the council. We also welcome back David Tredinnick, who is currently our School Council President. I would also like to thank Leanne Prunty, a parent member for the past two years, and Emma Dalton who has served three terms (six years) as a council member. Attending our weekly assembly is a great way to support the school and your child. It is a time when we celebrate the various achievements of students across the school. Please join us at 9am every Wednesday.

Principal Naranga Special School 

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