Naranga is an eSmart School 🙂

This means that we foster safe smart use of electronic communications technologies such as computers and smart phones for all.

Some examples of our eSmart cleverness include ~

  • Naranga School has an eSmart policy. Click here to have a read.
  • The Acceptable Internet Usage Form  all Naranga students discuss and sign with their parents at the beginning of each year. Click here for the 2017 iteration ~  Acceptable Internet Use 2017  **** Note: The Department of Education and Training’s ideas regarding acceptable use can be found at the following links      ~  Acceptable Use Police for Schools   and Acceptable Use Agreements
  • All parents are invited to join tiqbiz to get timely information from Naranga via their smart phones.
  • And regular discussion of cyber safety issues by students, teachers and members of the school community in circle time, Interpersonal Development classes and with visiting experts.

See the eSmart website for more information. Click Here: eSmart 🙂

Would you like to join our eSmart Committee? 🙂

or if you have any concerns regarding cyber issues, Facebook and so on be sure to call our welfare team at Naranga 9788 2222 to have a chat: ask for Peter, Michelle or Jenny 🙂

And some great eSmart ideas for families direct from the Alannah & Madeline Foundations can be found below….