The Lower Junior School

The Lower Junior School in 2016 consists of approximately 45 students who have been divided into 5 classes.

In addition to teaching staff the Lower Junior school has teacher aides to work with the students and provide additional support as well as specialist staff in the following programs:

  • Art
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Library
  • Home Economics

Excursions are arranged to enhance learning opportunities and to make learning meaningful for our students. They provide an important stimulus for our work in speaking and listening, reading and writing about current topics.

We encourage communication between home and school. This can be done through phone calls, visits or through the use of the communication book.

Camps are important educational experiences. While your child is at Naranga they will participate in a range of camping activities and experiences that will:

  • Provide new experiences
  • Create positive attitudes
  • Foster self-esteem and independence
  • Build confidence and knowledge
  • Develop new skills Camps undertaken in the Lower Junior School are for one night.

 We aim to create an environment in our school where our students feel happy, accepted, at ease, able to learn and enjoy their learning.

Parents make the world of difference to student learning. – Read to them – Let them read to you, sharing the book with them – Encourage them to retell you a story – Ask them about their day and the things they have enjoyed the most – Encourage them to talk about something that interests them, for example: sport, TV – Talk about community activities – Praise your child’s efforts