The Upper Junior School

In 2016 there are 36 students in 3 classes in the Upper Junior School. The Upper Junior School is housed in 3 large portable classrooms over looking the amphitheatre where Naranga’s Whole School assemblies occur.

All classes are implementing a Transition Program. Our students excel in “hands on” projects, for example ~

  • Planning and building a new garden.
  • The Narangabites Small Business
  • Inter-school basket ball competitions
  • Community service within the school

The Upper Junior School Curriculum is guided by the Victorian Curriculum.

Specialist Programs.

As well as the classroom programs, students attend specialist classes. Some specialist classes operate for a full year whilst others take place on a semester basis. They include:

  • Home Economics
  • Art
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Physical Education
  • Music, and
  • Dance