Term 1 is finished!

We've come to the end of term 1!  This is the first term since term 4 of 2019, in which students have attended on-site for the whole term.  There have been no periods of remote learning.  I am so grateful that all the students have been able to get back to school for the full 10 weeks and feel like school is back to being 'normal' again.
Thank you to all of our families and carers for you support this term.  I'm sure you're all relieved that your sons and daughters could learn at school every day.  
I'm planning to reintroduce our whole school Assembly again in term 2 so that the whole school community can come together and celebrate student achievements each week.
Thank you also to the school community for being diligent with Rapid Antigen Testing each day, and keeping students home if they were unwell.  All of those efforts help keep the school safer.
Testing kits will continue to be available for the first four weeks of term 2.
Here's to a successful term. 
I wish you a very restful Easter break and see you in term 2.

Kai Pukarinen