Have a safe break!

An update from Kai Pukarinen - Principal.

Good afternoon Naranga Community!


Today brings us to the official end of term for students and staff. Staff this week have been planning for what Term 2 might bring.  The school has been a very different place this week.  We are all missing the life and energy that students bring to the school


If you have started the work packs that were sent home these can now be paused. They can be put aside and picked up again if they are needed at the start of Term 2.


Our office will be closed over the break.  As we receive news about what Term 2 might look like we will be sharing this information via FlexiBuzz and on our website.


A letter has been posted to all students for families to give permission for Naranga to invite students onto the Google Classroom learning platform. This is an online learning forum that we will engage students in if remote learning is needed in Term 2.


Over the break, we do encourage you to take note if you have some stationary supplies at home (pencils, textas, grey leads, eraser, sharpener, glue stick, scissors). If you don’t – no stress – please let your child’s classroom teacher know at the start of Term 2 and we will aim to support you if these supplies are needed at home.  


Naranga School will be here in term 2 to provide education to all of our students in some form, it might be in the classroom or it might be online.  But no matter what form the education takes, we remain committed to our students learning and wellbeing needs.  If schools are closed, we will explore every option possible to reach every student in the school so that students can continue feeling connected to school.


With some services and activities not available to us this break and it all feeling a little strange, our creativity will be challenged. Please enjoy the time with your families and support each other to stay healthy.


I hope to see you all in term 2.



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