Help with student transport
If you live within our school’s Designated Transport Area (DTA), you may be able to get help with transporting your child to and from our school through the Department of Education and Training’s Students with Disabilities Transport Program (SDTP). To find out if you live in our DTA, enter your address into the DTA search function on the Getting to and from school for students with disability page of the Department’s website.
Instructions for how to apply for help through the SDTP are also available on the Getting to and from school for students with disability page, along with information about SDTP eligibility criteria and other transport help available to families of students with disability.


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Students must conform to acceptable standards of behaviour while travelling on school buses. A supervisor is employed by the bus contractor to supervise student behaviour during the time spent on buses. Students need to follow bus staff instructions while in their care. If student behaviour is unacceptable, a bus report is made by the supervisor and then investigated. The Principal retains the right to suspend a student from the service until alternative arrangements can be made. It should also be noted that bus companies may refuse transport if the behaviour of a student continues to be of an unacceptable standard.


Bus routes and pick-up and drop-off points may be adjusted to suit individual needs; however this is not a door-to-door service. Students might have to walk (or be accompanied) the same distance as they would to access their immediate neighbourhood State School.


Bus rolls are marked in the morning and the evening to ensure students arrive at and leave the school. See Late Arrivals for procedures to be followed when students arrive at school late by other means.


Parents will need to sign permission forms for their child to walk home unescorted from the bus stop. In a case where there is no permission form signed, and there is no-one to collect the student at the designated stop at the indicated time, the student will continue on with the regular route, where he/she can be collected, alternatively they will be returned to school for collection by the parent or carer.


Any changes to the regular transport will need to be confirmed by parents through a signed letter/note.

Students travelling on the school’s own buses during excursions or camps are expected to behave in a manner that is safe and does not interfere with the comfort of other passengers.