The careers program at Naranga School provides students with an individual Career Action Plan (Managed Individualised Pathways Plan) and associated support as a means to making a successful transition through their senior years of education to further education, training or employment.

Students will begin their exploration in year 7 and continue to build on their knowledge and explore their interests all the way through to their senior years. They will be exposed to a variety of different job industries, study options and educational programs that will give them more information and help them to focus on their goals and plans for their future.

In year 9 all students will participate in Morrisby Career Testing, this is a government initiative to assist with career development. The process combines testing and one on one interviews to help guide students with their career ideas and decisions.


From year 10 onwards, students will be given the opportunity to participate in the work experience and TAFE program where they will experience working life and develop a deeper understanding of the workplace environment. They will build on their work related skills and put them into practice, gaining more new skills along the way. Students will be provided with the latest careers information that will help them make decisions about their future career and their life beyond school.


Year 11 and 12 students will participate in a weekly TAFE program immersing themselves in industries of choice, students will also have the option to undertake School Based Apprenticeship training.

Future information can be found on our careers website: or by contacting our Naranga Careers teacher – Brooke Winnett:

 Careers Mind Map